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Construction process

1 foundation check to ensure the quality of construction, in the construction, professional engineering staff will be on the ground (do) roughness, slope and surface appearance detection, meet the requirements, Party construction;

2, put the line: to find the site center and two semicircular centers in three point field line and edge intersection, and then set the venue on the function point, line position;
3, place: according to design drawings, with white crossed the three volume of turf, were placed in the middle and bottom line line position, turn out the other turf;
4, cutting line: outside the middle and bottom line white line features white turf cutting down, and were cut into the site marking the desired width, set aside;
5, the bottom stitching: two adjacent piece of turf, along the seam is connected with the intermediate shop, in connection with the turf seams, then glue evenly coated with rubber scraper scraping on the connecting belt, and then put on both sides of the turf adhesive;
6, function: after the splicing of the whole line of turf, again pull set function of each line, line position, with a paper knife cut, cut the grass out, will be connected with in scraping glue, originally prepared white line back into the grass compaction;
7, repair: when paving turf after the splicing, pleated part of the turf to open, to straighten the paper cutter docking, removal of part of the overlap compaction glue;
8, note: after processing all the turf sand, sand injection began, according to 4m * 4m specifications of the whole point, according to the different grass (kg / m2) sand injection number, the quartz sand evenly spreading to the region, with brushing machine will be uniformly spread and quartz sand the grass line comb, the comb one aspect;
9, note: after the injection of sand particles, start pumping particles, according to 4m * 4m specifications of the whole point, according to the different grass (kg / m2) of the uniform particles spreading to the region, brush grass particles uniformly spread and the machine will comb the grass line, and each aspect combing once;
10, carding: after the completion of all the filler materials, with the grass brush machine again combed grass fiber each time;
11, detection: after the completion of the pavement work, according to the artificial grass surface quality standards for testing, the unqualified place rectification;
12, acceptance: with the completion of acceptance. amount
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